Jobs:  Throughout the great recession, young people in Idaho have faced difficult hardships when securing well paying and sustainable jobs.  With the Idaho unemployment rate currently sitting at 8.5%, we will take our message on the road this year about the importance of economic prosperity, and we will continue to fight for job creation inside the legislature that will create more opportunities for the young voters in Idaho.


Education: Young Idahoans today making their way through high school and college will face a challenging environment in the 21st century workplace.  As an organization we will remain committed to pushing for good educational funding so that Idaho can retain its best teachers and return to low class sizes to provide students with the highest quality education.  Only with first class training, skills, and education will the Idaho youth be prepared to compete in the modern global economy.


Social Justice & Equality: A core part of the Idaho Young Democratic value is maintaining a strong focus to support progress with human rights and equality.  We continue to support and focus on the importance of anti-bullying measures for the LGBTQ community, furthering efforts to advance progressive and equal treatment for immigrants and minorities, and much more.  Keeping priority on human rights and equality is a core standing value that is vital  for a civil modern society where everyone benefits in the long run.


Environment: We support policies that promote proper management of resources as well as sustainability methods that will allow for long term protection of natural resources. We are also in support of the protection of public lands, wild places, and wildlife, and are opposed to the selling of public lands unless it is for public benefit. We are in support of the sustainable protection of Idaho fisheries in order to support the jobs they provide, the towns that are dependent upon them as well as the tribal interests involved. We support recycling and all waste management programs that attempt to reduce the amount of landfill waste. We also support the funding of agencies that are responsible for regulating polluting activities that affect Idaho air, water and land. We also believe that management of federal lands should not be handed over to state, county or municipal entities, and believe that through this management both state and local needs must be recognized.